Mermaid Mirre

Crew: Mirre (Inga from Sweden)

Born: 1988, Sweden

On Mermaid: August 20th to 5th of September 2019
Passage on Mermaid:
Poros, Hydra, Milos, Naxos, Kythnos and back to Poros in Greece
Distance sailed on Mermaid: 260 Nm

Education: IT Project Management
Special skills: Open water diver, climbers certificate

Social media: Mirre’s Instagram I Mirre’s Blog

Hey guys!

My name’s Mirre and I got the beautiful oppertunity of being Mermaid no 5 (actually sounds a bit like the old 90th’s song Mambo no 5… «a little bit of Mirre in the sun..»).

I’m a strong, independent woman born in Sweden, Scandinavia. I’m interested in tech and specially the intersection when tech meets biology. I grow my own veggies and crops and ride my bicycle every day. I love everything water related such as snorkeling, swimming, kitesurfing, diving and paddle boarding. I am crazy restless and got very itchy traveling bone.

I work as a Project Manager within IT when I’m not cruising the Med. On my resume you will find one of Swedens biggest employer and global brands. Plans are to be relocating to Australia by end of this year so my hopes are to get to combine the next step in my carreer with a bit of sailing on the Aussie coastline and the Great Barrier Reef. Feel free to follow up on my travels via social media.

Sailing experience
The Yacht Week Croatia
The Yacht Week Greece
Mallorca – Corsika – Italy
Sicily – Sardinia
Cuba – Jamaica

How I ended up on Mermaid :
Roger sent me a message over where he invited me to crew on Mermaid. Deal was simple – I come join as crew of sailing yacht Mermaid, expenses for food shared but all boat maintenance and marina fees was to be paid by Roger. It was a done deal. My amazing boyfriend gave me his blessing to go sailing since we both believe in living full and rich lives without restraining each other. I also got confirmation from Roger that no shady stuff nor sexual herassments were to take place so we were all good. Worth mentioning is that I am use to be traveling solo and have absolutely no problem hanging out with men, with clear communication and clear bounderies things rarly mess up.

So I booked a flight to Athens, grabbed a local bus ride to the Piraeus Port and ferry to Poros where Roger met me, waving his GoPro in my face 🙂


Mirre appeared in these videos: