Mermaid Felicia

Mermaid Felicia Crew: Felicia Burau

Born: 1986, Seattle, USA

On Mermaid: September to October 2.nd 2018
Passage on Mermaid:
Puerto de Pollenca, Mallorca
Cala Ratjada, Mallorca
Ibiza / Formentera, Spain
Valencia, Spain

Distance sailed on Mermaid: 250Nm

Education: Accountant
Special skills: That’s what she said

Social media: Felicias Instagram

Hola!!! How do you doodaly do!!! My name is Felicia. To clarify it is Felicia not Bye Felicia LOL ; )

My home is Seattle, WA, USD and it being a large city that now feels small. I have decided to venture out for the un-foreseeable future. I am a freelance accountant who at 32 has sold everything and travelling the world. Quarter life crisis much? Working remotely allows me to due such a thing. Giving me the opportunity to work in the most random locations including a hammock on the bow of «Mermaid» in Ibiza with Roger.

If you are interested in seeing some of my adventures feel free to look me up on instagram: @Outventress

Sail Mermaid Adventure Recap:

Being an avid sailor in the Puget Sound at home I was playing with the idea of assisting a vessel abroad which led me to where I was introduced with the opportunity of a lifetime. Sailing with Roger on Sail Mermaid. As I tossed the idea around with friends I received mostly the «don’t do it» response. Honestly, I fibbed a little with family in efforts to reduce their concern. I knew deep down this was a great opportunity and that Roger would be respectful, the experience would be memorable and the question was not «to be or not to be» but «will I regret going or will I regret not going». A question that was easily answered and I can honestly say had I made an alternative decision I would in fact regret no going. I thank Roger and Sail Mermaid for such an experience. One that is left as a too be continued. This will not be the last time I come aboard the Sail Mermaid.

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