Crew Marcus

Marcus Anthony Crew: Marcus Anthony Allen Tjønn

Born: 1991, tbn, USA

On Mermaid: October to October 2019
Passage on Mermaid:
AG Thomas

Distance sailed on Mermaid: 100 Nm

Special skills: Babymaker

Social media: Ine’s Instagram

Hey Peeps my name is Marcus (28) and I’m an American living in Norway
Me and my Girlfriend had the pleasure of being invited to Mermaid gaining a wonderful friend in Roger, an amazing experience in a country we’ve never been to and learned how to sail a freakin BOAT!
I’m an American that had the pleasure of having a dad that went to the U.S to study and luckily met my mom, married her and moved us to the amazing country Norway. My interest has always been gaming and in my younger days sports. Being a person that spends a lot of his time in front of a screen, being on a boat was something totally unknown to me and was an amazing experience that I´ll always cherish for the rest of my life. I currently work for an electronics store as a seller which suits me perfectly.
As you’ll see throughout the videos I´m a very energetic and hyper person, this is due to me having ADHD, for those who don’t know what that is, long story short… concentration problems at times and I’m always PACKED with energy!

Personally I have no idea how this trip occurred(really blessed it did) but I found out through my girlfriend that initially she had a chance to go on a trip to Greece, which I was very positive and encouraged her to go, which she wasn’t too sure about due to her being alone and having to be without me for 2 weeks. It ended in us both being invited obviously! And the trip was just AMAZING!
I can definitely encourage anyone that gets invited to mermaid to GO GO GO! Roger is amazing down to earth person with great humor and is an amazing teacher, being on a boat for the first time and having no prior experience I can almost say I know how to sail about if it was ever needed. I also don’t feel things were awkward at any point of the trip even from the first moment we met Roger at the airport I felt things just clicked between me and him. May have been some miscommunication but other than that I see in him a friend for life.
Once again if you have the chance GO!

Mermaid Ine


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