The Mermaid

The Mermaid is a 45 foot Dufour 455 Grand Large sailboat from 2007

When I bought her she was in Valencia, Spain, but since the owner was Norwegian the process of registering her was already done and the purchase went smoothly.

Mine is a 3 cabin owners version with huge owners cabin in front with it’s own bathroom.
The Dufour sails very well and handles with ease. It also has a jet thruster system both aft and front which makes short handed handeling in narrow marinas a dream


Click here for a test of this model

LOA: 45′ 2″ (13.76 m.)
LOH: 44′ 2″ (13.45 m.)
LWL: 39′ 1″ (11.91 m.)
Beam: 14′ 1″ (4.30 m.)
Draft: 6′ 7″ (2.00 m.)
Sail Area (100%): 849 sq. ft. (78.90 sq. m.)
Ballast (iron): 6,614 lb. (3,000 kg.)
Displacement: 24,251 lb. (10,426 kg.)
Ballast/D: .29
D/L: 172
SA/D: 16.8
Water: 140 gal. (530 l.)
Fuel: 66 gal. (250 l.)
Mast Height: 58′ 4″ (17.90 m.)
Engine: 55-hp. Volvo diesel with saildrive
Designer: Umberto Felci
Price: $306,250 (POE U.S. East Coast w/ basic electronics and sails)