Mermaid Ine

Mermaid Ine Emilia Crew: Ine Emilia Samssonsen

Born: 1998, Stavanger, Norway

On Mermaid: October to October 2019
Passage on Mermaid:
AG Thomas

Distance sailed on Mermaid: 100 Nm

Special skills: She makes fantastic egg toasts

Social media: Ine’s Instagram

Hi, I’m Ine Emilia (21) from Norway.
Me and my boyfriend Marcus was the first couple to be invited on Mermaid.
That’s because we’re super cool and awesome! Juuust kidding.. it might have something to do with me being pregnant, and not wanting to leave my boyfriend back in Norway. But we’re still awesome!
I might also be the first pregnant mermaid, which is pretty cool, huh?

I’m a spontaneous and energetic girl, and I love exploring! So this trip was really handmade for me. I get easily bored, so I looked at it as an opportunity for me to get away and experience a lot of new things.
So I reached out to Roger and asked if he was interested in having me on board. After telling him a bit about myself, he told me I was welcome on board.

We started to make plans and everything went pretty smooth!
Well, that’s until I found out I was pregnant! Shoot.. I didn’t want to leave my boyfriend, and I was really unsure about the whole trip. I felt nauseous all the time, and couldn’t even get out of bed. That’s when I figured out I’d ask Roger if I could bring Marcus.
At first, he was in doubt, because he didn’t want to feel left out. Which I understood because couples can be a bit clingy and forget about the “third wheel”. So I tried comforting Roger, telling him that we’re not like that.
After some talking, he agreed. We booked Marcus a ticket and packed our bags. Wohoo!

And now you can watch our whole trip in this amazing video. The filming part is the best part, cause I can now watch it whenever I want.

To all people of your readers out there. If you feel like traveling and don’t want to travel alone. Write Roger a message! It’s a whole new experience. Learning how to sail, exploring new places, chill out on the deck, swim on the open sea, etc… it’s amazing.
And if you’re scared, don’t be. Roger is the nicest guy ever, and he would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. The only thing he wants is someone to share his incredible travels with.

Still scared? Then you can talk to some of his mermaids, and we’ll answer anything.

Love, Ine Emilia

Mermaid Ine


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