Mermaid Megan

Crew: Megan Good

Born: 1995, California, USA

On Mermaid: June to July 2018
Passage on Mermaid:
Marchica, Morocco
Melilla, Spain
Ibiza / Formentera, Spain
Mallorca, Spain

Distance sailed on Mermaid: 450Nm

Education: Marine biologist
Special skills: AAUS Scientific diver

Social media: Megans Instagram

Hi – my name is Megan and I was The Mermaid’s first temporary crew member. I am a recent graduate of Stanford University where I studied biology with a focus in marine biology. Growing up in Southern California, I spent as much time as possible on the water.

Some of my experience includes:
– Frequent trips to Santa Catalina Island
– Sailing around French Polynesia (F-41 sailing catamaran)
– 300+ miles paddle boarding experience
– SCUBA Diving: AAUS Scientific certified
– Recreational charter fishing trips
– Kayaking and Snorkeling

Right now, I am working as a teacher through Teach for America – an organization dedicated to fighting educational inequity experienced by the public education system in low-income communities. Moving forward, I would like to get back to my marine biology roots and will likely pursue a graduate degree.

I’m not sure what the future holds but I am always looking for new adventures. Personality wise, I am very outgoing – social and active. However, I also like to kick back and enjoy the ride. Most importantly, I love meeting new people and being out on the water.

If you’re interested in seeing some of my adventures you can check out my Instragram: meggles_good

Sailing with Mermaid:

Roger and I met on CrewBay, a website that helps boats and crew members to connect. I was considering several offers, most seriously including one in the Philippines and one in the Grenadines. However, after weighing factors such as skipper experience, destination, dates, cost, and general interests, it became clear that sailing with Mermaid was the best fit. So, I sent Roger a message that said, “Let’s do this!?” and booked flights only one week before I was supposed to meet him in Morocco.

My parents were, understandably, concerned about my flying halfway around the world to sail with a stranger and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t have my reservations as well. However, being on Mermaid has allowed me to return to the sea while exploring new places and Roger turned out to be a wonderful captain. He puts safety above all else and was very patient in helping me to expand my sailing knowledge – even if that meant losing a fender or two due to my progressing knot work.

I think that our sailing together was harmonious because of a mutual understanding – an understanding that I cannot emphasize enough to anyone who is considering similar crewing opportunities: I was willing to work as my contribution to the boat and in return I received the opportunity to travel. It’s a packaged deal – the tapas and scuba diving come with scrubbing the hull and night watches. I know that I am leaving the boat a more competent sailor, having also collected memories that I will certainly cherish for a long time to come.

All of this considered, Roger and I do have differences when it comes to interests and opinions, but meeting people who differ from you is part of what makes traveling so wonderful. We talked about our homes and families, discussed music and politics, made fun of one another, and enjoyed a fantastic adventure together.

Adventure is out there – go and claim yours!


Megan appeared in these videos: