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Your support matters to us. Without the help of our followers, we will not be able to sail away and create interesting and entertaining videos for you all to watch. Every little thing matters. You don’t even have to support us by spending money on us (However appreciated that is!).

The most important for us right now is that people get to know we exist. When spending enormous amounts of hours filming and editing it is very rewarding that people see them and enjoy them.

Here are some totally FREE ways of supporting my channel:
1) WATCH my videos to the end – Even the commercials as I get a small share of the income from them. Also, Youtube measures watch time, so this is important to me as it shows if a video is good or bad.
2) Give the video a thumbs up (like)
3) Leave a comment down below the show notes. Please show respect to the crew sailing on Mermaid, but we do appreciate good comments that can lead to a discussion.
4) Share our videos on social media and tell all your friends about this channel

The way YouTube works is that the┬ámore popular a video is –┬áthe more attention it gets!
YouTube measures popularity on how many views a video gets within the first 72 hours combined with how many comments and likes it gets.
So a great way to support us for free is to subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch our movies as soon as they get published, like them, comment them, recommend them to your friends and share them on social media. If you do this for us you are helping us tremendously!

But I don’t expect to be rich on YouTube. Actually I don’t expect to be rich at all, but I do hope we will be able to continue sailing with the help of our online audience.

One great way to support us is by donating a one time ammount thru our PayPal tip jar.

An even better way is to support us thru Patreon. By donating a chosen amount for every Video we release, you are helping us a lot. Of course, this should also be rewarding to you. So we want to give something back to you for showing your support. We have several ways of showing our gratitude. Here are two of them.

First of all our Patreons get to see our full-length productions which gives a better idea of the day to day life aboard, our guests and the destinations we reach. While our general YouTube productions are from 10 to 15 minutes long, our Patreons get full access to our 20 to 30 minutes videos.
Please head on over to to see our pland and benefits

Now you may also choose a second option. I have opened up for a youtube channel membership so you can watch the extended videos directly on youtube. Just go to


We are currently turning every stone to make our dream come thru. This also includes taking on sponsors.
We believe we can be of great value and exposure to our sponsors. We plan to work hard to be visible on YouTube and social media like Facebook, and Instagram.
Your company or product may be visible thru product placement if it is a product related to our needs.
Your company or product may also be visible by logos on our sails, our hulls (We plan to have two of them) in our videos and on our website.

If you see the potential for promoting your company or product through us, then please get in touch and we will work together to find a solution that will work for both our needs.