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Since I started my adventures I have had several “Mermaids” joining me sailing for anything up to 3 weeks.
If you fit the description of a Mermaid you may join me too for a FREE sailing vacation, a great adventure and good memories for life!

In short, a Mermaid is a young charming woman who looks good in a bikini and does not mind the attention she receives wearing it.
She is also adventurous, has a sense of humor and wants to engage in learning how to sail and everything that comes with it.
She is friends with the camera and enjoys being part of the youtube story we create together.

Does this sound like you?

See how Mirre had a 3-week sailing vacation for less than 500 Euro!

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My youtube channel now has 18.000 followers. My motivation for inviting you on board is to make good and entertaining videos and continue to grow my channel. I also enjoy the company and find it is much easier to do things and explore on land when we are two. It is more fun going out to a restaurant, checking out the tourist sights, do sunset safaris or going exploring by scooters. Even museums, beaches, watersports and nightlife is way more fun when you have company and the days sailing… Well, an extra set of hands is really helpful sometimes, but all those sunsets, dolphins and all the beauty are 10 times better when you have someone to share the moment with!

I have of course been dealing with the suspicion of alternative hidden motives ever since I started my journey, which is why I am very forward to point out that NO WOMAN should ever have to feel she needs to offer anything she is not comfortable with in order to sail with me.
There are no sexual services expected and I will never make the first move in such direction, something I have several testimonies from previous mermaids. I prefer honest and clear communication. That way we both know what to expect and chances for a successful voyage together are much better.

I also do my best to respect my crew members’ boundaries. Things that come across as disrespectful in my videos such as teaching foul language and spraying one of my Mermaids with a hose when we clean the boat, has been agreed upon before it has been done.
A happy crew makes happy entertaining videos, but unfortunately, not all viewers can appreciate the intended humor.

Since my boat is a 3 cabin version it is possible to accommodate 2 Mermaids if you still feel it would be risky to join by yourself.
I do however normally not invite couples as I do not want to be the third wheel on my own boat.

So what is the cost of joining me or is free really FREE??

The normal deal is that I pay all costs running the boat. Maintenance, fuel, mooring costs, insurance, water etc etc.
You pay your own travel costs and living expenses. This means sharing on provision costs and keeping your own spending money for restaurants, drinks and activities.

However, – if you are an influencer with a good amount of followers on Instagram or Youtube, or if you can contribute to a rapidly growing number of followers for my channel in any other way, then we can discuss for me to also cover travel and provision expenses.
If you have any cool ideas then drop me an email and let’s talk them thru.

What is expected from anyone joining me is:
You take an active part in running the boat. You may not be experienced but you are willing to learn sailing and navigation.
You take your fair share of cooking and cleaning and help me keep a safe and tidy ship.
You are free to use all toys on the boat, but you are also responsible to keep them tied and protected when not used so they do not drift away or fall in. Diving and snorkeling gear should always be rinsed with fresh water after use and dried off before stowed away.
Drugs are not allowed on the boat. If you need to smoke weed or anything like that, then do it on land and do not bring it on the boat. This has nothing to do with my opinion on drugs because the customs sniffer dogs do not care what our opinions are.

Other than that I only expect we will both try our best to get along and have a wonderful journey together!

If you have any questions or want to make contact to plan an adventure together – please email me at

Check out these testimonys from previous Mermaids

Expected sailing schedule 2020
Dates are guidelines only and subject to change depending on my work schedule.
The boat is currently located in Greece and I expect I will be in Greece for the most part of 2020

March 16 to April 5* – Nope! Not happening. Never eat bats!
April 27 to May 17 – Crashed by Corona!
June 8 to June 28 – probably crashed by Corona!
July 20 to August 9 – Mermaid crew position available (?)
August 31 to September 20 – Mermaid crew position available (Things must be back on track by then?)
October 12 to november 1 – Mermaid crew position available
November 23 to December 13 – Mermaid crew position available

If you have any questions or want to make contact to plan an adventure together – please email me at

Please note that if you are interested in joining as a Mermaid you should make sure you fit the description above.
Make an effort in presenting yourself. I get tons of messages with one or two-liners. Let me know who you are, what you look like and let me know a little of your personality. If you can attach a short video that would be a huge plus! At least link to your Facebook or Instagram. If you are too shy to show yourself you are not Mermaid material 🙂

And to all of you who just want to express your opinions – don’t waste your time or mine. Those messages go to the bin right away.
I am more than happy to answer all relevant questions from potential Mermaids who shows a serious interest in joining my project, but make an effort first 🙂

I am looking forward to starting a new sailing season and hope to have some great new crew members to join me for these sails, once the Corona pandemic slows down. Until then, let’s plan and be prepared.
Stay safe!

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