Sail with us!

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On my adventures I would like to invite people to join me for longer or shorter voyages. I choose to name them Mermaids, crew and guests.


Sailing on and off for 3 weeks in a row I wish to invite a young woman for each 3 week leg to come sail with me. I am honest enough to say my motivation for this is to make more interesting videos for my channel, but I also find that I enjoy the company of women half my age even if there is no romantic motives involved. No woman should ever feel she needs to offer any indecent services to come sailing with me if romance is not on the table from the start. I am sorry this even needs to be stated here, but comments on the internet prooves many people read between the lines to find hidden agendas that are not there.

The tasks of a Mermaid on the Mermaid is to help sail the boat and share the everyday routines. No previous sailing experience is needed, but you need to be willing to learn and do your work load. I also appreciate help with promotion on social media as well as interaction in photos and video. A fun spirit and creative ideas are most welcome.

I would like someone to join me for longer voyages. This means someone who will learn to sail the boat and fully understand what is needed to do on a day by day basis. Someone I can trust for navigation and sailing so we can do shifts when crossing oceans. No previous experience is needed. You will be trained and learn to sail onboard.

Guests will most oftenbe friends and family joining me for a shorter periode of time. I also want to meet interesting people who are a little out of the box like YouTube influencers, vlogers and blogers who would like to do some kind of colaboration of content and promotion.

I will make room for Patreons to come join me from time to time, but I am not doing any charter service.

Do not mistake guests for guests so to speak.
Anybody joining us sailing will have to do their part of the daily routines onboard.
Everything from cleaning, cooking, sailing and navigation and helping out with provisioning, maintennance and repairs as well as filming everything.
Do not expect a free all inclusive holiday, because that is not what I am offering.

All guests and crew will be central characters in my story that will be shared online on our website, YouTube and social media.
We will film everything and I reserve the rights to use this footage when sharing our story with our followers.


Can anybody join us?

No, unfortunately not.

What I will write next may be offensive to some and sound harsh and uncalled for by others, but never the less it is important to understand that by telling things as they are from the start we will avoid unnecessary conflicts in the future.

For a day of sailing you can always adapt to everybody’s needs, but when you are stuck on a small boat together for a week or maybe more, then you need to breath the same air and get along just fine.
As a cook by profession I do understand all about allergies and even if I do understand everybody’s needs for special arrangements, they are not so easily adaptable on a small boat with limited capacity and supplies.

If someone is allergic to nuts, dairies, gluten etc, then we all need to change our diet accordingly, and I am just not so fond of doing that. If anybody needs special treatment they have to fix this themselves while still making food for the rest of the crew that is “normal”.
Same goes for vegans. First of all fruits and vegetables may be hard to come by sometimes and even if we got them, you would still need to prepare food for the rest of the crew containing meat or fish.
I won’t go a day on a veggie diet for anything in the world.

What else. Well, I don’t want my sailing adventures to be about politics, still I am very interested in politics and tend to open my mouth a little too much if I disagree on matters. Let’s just say that me and the leftie feminists my be in each others face a lot. On a small boat that can be challenging.

Drama Queens – Not my cup of tea. If you fit into this category, then please find another boat.
On any boat the Captain is the commander in charge. If that is not acceptable to you, then you should stay at home. End of discussion!

People with alcohol or drug problems may represent a danger to the safety of the boat and the crew and are not welcome onboard. Normal recreational use of alcohol is fine, but all use and possession of illegal substances are strictly forbidden onboard. I am just not interested in being locked up for possession of drugs on my boat, simple as that.

By tips from others we have learned that some boats have had trouble with people coming onboard and never leave. They just don’t have the money to go home after the agreed upon timeframe. Because of this I may ask for a deposition sufficient for the return ticket before arrival.

Check out our sail plan at Sail Plan Calendar