New colors

New Sprayhood and Bimini with connection

Today Mermaid was given new colors as the new Sprayhood and Bimini was fitted. Now what remains is the sail bag on the boom, but that will have to wait a while. Very happy with the result, but I wish I had chosen a darker shade of grey. I am very happy with the connection between the sprahoos and bimini that I had made. This will keep the cockpit dry when it rains. It is amazing what you can do with the help from google Translate. The tailor spoke very good and energic spanish. – I don’t! Salsa, Tequila, Curacoe – no habla Espanol 🙂 Just a few more things to fix right now and then I will be on my way to Melilla. Things are starting to come together finally 🙂 The cost for new Sprayhood with Bimini and connction window was Euro 3140

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Dufour 455

Windbreaker becomes Mermaid

We are now just back from Spain where we sailed “Windbreaker”, a Dufour 455 Grand Large from 2007. After a very pleasant test sail we signed the contract on this well sailing and practical monohull sailboat. When we started out looking for boats we only had our eyes on catamarans. Then we started looking for decksaloon monohulls, but it seems we ended up with a quite ordinary traditional sailboat at last, but the Dufour grand large 455 surprised us when it comes to comfort, speed and stowage. Our boat is the 3 cabin version with a comfortable owners cabin in the front and two guest cabins in the back. The owners cabin has it’s own toilet with shower while the guest cabins share one toilet with shower. We do plan to use one guest cabin for storage/wardrobe. We will be back with more photos and a video of our first[…]

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SailMermaid Logo

Theme song and illustrations

We wanted to brand ourselves to be easy to recognize and remember. So we decided we wanted a name that was both easy to remember and be a fun theme to spin around. When we decided on the name Mermaid we also wanted a theme song made and some cool graphics. While searching the web for artists who could make music for us we came across Fiverr, a cool platform connecting all sorts of artists with people who are in demand of custom made artwork First I made contact with Jemma Louise who made two theme songs for us. We were very happy with the result and the quality of her productions. The first song didn’t come out as upbeat and happy as we wanted the theme song to be, but it was beautiful! So we decided to give her a second chance, and that we do not regret! It[…]

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Sailing around the world, one exotic Island after another has been my dream for many years. I always planned to do so when I retire from age at 60. Then I would have a steady income and wouldn’t have to worry about financing the adventure as I would now. However, in 2015 things happened in my life for better and worse. First I met Fia and fell in love with this beautiful young woman. We talked about our dreams in life and my dream started to grow on her too. At the same time my mother was ill with cancer, and in august she died, only missing two days on her 67’th birthday. That is actually the normal age of retirement in Norway, so you could say she died before she was officially retired, even though she did retire a few years early due to weak health. This made me[…]

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Sailboatshopping in Greece

    Just a few weeks ago me and Fia went to Athens, Greece to shop for catamarans. Actually we were not there to buy. We are still in the early process of buying a boat. But we wanted to see different models with our own eyes, to compare them and find the best model for us. We made appointments to see four different Lagoon models. The Lagoon 410, the 420, the 440 and the 470. The Lagoon 410 and 470 shares much of the same looks in design, but the 470 is much bigger than it’s little sister. We immediately felt the 410 to be too small for us as expected. The 470 was huge, but still small in a way. The saloon is very spacious but the cockpit isn’t that big. There was not much room for storage and the toilets were claustrophobic. Both of these boats have[…]

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